About Robbie

The first thing to know about me is that I’m very good looking.

The second thing to know is that I spend a rather large amount of time sitting in audiences. So much time, in fact, that its hard for me to remember everything. And that’s why this blog exists: to help me remember what I’ve seen. This is less about serious arts reviewing/criticism and more about me putting down the things that I want to remember about the works that I’ve seen somewhere so that I can find them later. As such, what you see here will never be an unbiased account of the artistry of the works that I review nor will you find much boosting of the local scene. You may also often find that I focus on things that nobody else would care about, particularly lighting since I used to work in theatrical lighting, or make jokes that would clearly amuse nobody but myself. At best, this is my attempt to start a conversation about these works. At worst, it’s me talking to myself. Regardless, you are most welcome to read my thoughts and take from them what you’d like.