Lucidity Suitcase: Red-Eye to Havre de Grace

The Disappointing Play:
A review in the form of a hastily and poorly written sonnet
By Robbie Clark

Tonight I saw Red-Eye to Havre de Grace,
On the last days of one Edgar A. Poe.
It was done by Lucidity Suitcase,
And I fear that it was only so-so.
Music too simple and too green for me.
The Writing was so nearly good, a shame.
What they wanted to do, we all could see,
But they fell short: just disappointment came.
Although with blocking fine and stage craft slick,
Movement was done deliberate and slow,
So weak despite, sometimes, a clever trick,
The script: only fair with talent less so.
Potential lost, it was almost so good,
But, sadly, not realized as it should.
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