Serenbe Playhouse: The Seagull

I generally don’t attend arts events OTP just because there’s more than enough for me ITP and my daily commute up and down GA 400 sours me on the idea of getting back on the highway when I don’t have to. A couple of friends of mine wanted an excuse to go down and check out Serenbe, though, so we made plans for them to pick me up and go see a play by Serenbe Playhouse. They left it to me to pick the play and I chose The Seagull both because I like what I’ve seen of Chekhov’s work and the rest of the season offerings were mostly musical theater adaptations of movies (or at least the same source material as famous movies), which didn’t appeal to me in the least. So my friends picked me up, we got some dinner in the city since we are all vegans and Serenbe is not particularly friendly to our kind, and we went down to see what may be the worst production of Chekhov’s work ever to be staged.
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