OnStage Atlanta: Spring Awakening

I’ve been pretty clueless about any Broadway musicals that were written since the days when Rent was still considered fresh. My awareness of the musical Spring Awakening comes from a conversation with a colleague a few years ago who was annoyed when songs from its cast recording came over the musical theater stream she would listen to at work. I think her words were something along the lines of “I hate it when people write things just for shock value.” Curious about what she was talking about, I looked it up and was intrigued to learn that Bill T. Jones did the choreography for it. I love Bill T. Jones. A lot. He thinks deeply through motion. I jump at opportunities to see his work live. But his isn’t a choreographic style that really makes me think “Broadway” you know? Anyway, even though I was fairly certain that OnStage Atlanta’s production of Duncan Sheik and Steven Slater’s musical wouldn’t feature Jones’ choreography, I figured if it was interesting enough for Jones to get involved then I’d like to check it out.
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