Brian Clowdus Experiences: The Edgar Allan Poe Experience

Another Disappointing Play:
Another review in the form of a hastily and poorly written sonnet
By Robbie

There is such joy and fear for you to know,
If you read from words upon any page,
That were written by Edgar Allan Poe,
So why not go and see it on a stage?
But even with my expectations low,
I found myself with want to look away,
And not because of fear nor gore — no, no!
But from the poor quality of this play.
Could not a writer usher forth a word,
To tell a tale that could reach to my heart?
See more by them? I’ll quote that big black bird,
Red faced, be shamed to death, if I do start!
Clowdus, you are such a talentless hack,
I wish I could have my evening back.
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Ofir Nahari: No(se)onenowhere

I love traditional clowning. I’ve mentioned in the past how much I lament that American culture has offhandedly rejected the art-form, with people who have never seen a real pantomime comedy performance declaring their disdain for it. Given that Atlanta happens to be in the United States, we don’t get terribly much clowning outside of circuses passing through, so I get pretty excited when I have the chance to see a clown in the classical tradition of clowning and pantomime perform. I regretted not being able to see Ofir Nahari’s No(se)onenowhere when it last ran at 7 Stages and, so, when I found out that they’d be bringing it back as part of the Exposed Festival, I took some time off to make sure that I’d be able to make it. Like many of you, I was feeling awful for most of the day and, I must say, going to this was the best medicine I could possibly have taken.
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Atlanta Fringe Festival: Mysterium – A Magic Show

I just took a wild ride into “The Mysterium” with Keith Bourdreau and Erica Valen of Mysterium Productions as part of the Atlanta Fringe Festival. I’m not a huge magic aficionado but do I love a good show and, of course, a good magic show has less to do with the illusions and more to do with putting on a good show. Bourdreau and Valen’s charming, delightful, and fun production definitely made for a good show.
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