Project 7 Contemporary Dance Company – SHE: The 7th Rung

My continuing quest to find live, non-Christmassy performances in December took me to 7 Stages this evening to see Project 7 Contemporary Dance Company perform Cherrise Wakeham’s SHE: The 7th Rung. For a piece that I enjoyed as much as I did, I don’t feel like I have terribly much to say about it: I really had to rack my brain to find things that I want to remember about it to set down here. I suppose that is in part due to the fact that I’ve been exhausted all day, which left me somewhat unable to watch with too critical an eye. That said, this was a concert that, although not merely a vapid spectacle by any means, might be better enjoyed with a more passive attention. What I lost in memorableness I may have gained in finding somewhat greater enjoyment.
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